All sessions will be held at the Franke Institute, 1100 East 57th Street.

Friday, February 3rd

10:00 Introductory Remarks: Jason Bridges (Chicago) / Rico Gutschmidt (Dresden, Chicago)

10:15-12:15 Arata Hamawaki (Auburn): “Philosophical and Plain: An Examination”
Moderator: Anubav Vasudevan (Chicago)

12:15 Lunch Break

2:00-4:00 Jean-Philippe Narboux (Bordeaux): “Counting as Art: Skepticism and the Aesthetics of Modernism”
Moderator: Matthew Boyle (Chicago)

4:00 Coffee Break

4:30-6:30 Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins): “Skepticism as Illusion: Wittgenstein on Knowledge and Certainty”
Moderator: David Finkelstein (Chicago)

Saturday, February 4th

10:00-12:00 Jason Bridges (Chicago): “Skepticism and Beyond”
Moderator: Malte Willer (Chicago)

12:00 Lunch Break

2:00-4:00 Eli Friedlander (Tel Aviv): “On Skepticism and the Unquestionable in Wittgenstein's Tractatus”
Moderator: Michael Kremer (Chicago)

4:00 Coffee Break

4:30-6:30 Andrea Kern (Leipzig): “Is Philosophy Necessarily Skeptical?”
Moderator: Matthias Haase (Chicago)

Sunday, February 5th

10:00-12:00 Jean-Luc Marion (Paris/Chicago): “Skepticism as Negative Certainty: The Case of Descartes”
Moderator: Ryan Coyne (Chicago)

12:00 Lunch Break

2:00-4:00 Rico Gutschmidt (Dresden/Chicago): “Performing Skepticism. Practice, Transformation, and the Finitude of the Human Condition”
Moderator: Jason Bridges (Chicago)

4:00 Coffee Break

4:30-6:30 Barry Stroud (Berkeley): “Learning from Skepticism”
Moderator: Rico Gutschmidt (Dresden/Chicago)

Concluding Remarks / Reception